Have you ever visited a car dealership and seen horrible cars that you don’t think anyone would drive, much less buy? We’ve all heard stories of auto lots that sell cars they know are lemons just to make a quick buck. Avoid these types of dealers at all costs, and make the easy choice to buy your next luxury vehicle from J & S AutoHaus Group. Not only are we a dealership that specializes in luxury car sales, but we also demand quality from every automobile on our inventory list. We have a list of conditions that we insist each of our purchased cars and trucks have to provide the best choice of vehicles for our customers.


Clean Carfax Record

While many car dealerships these days offer a free Carfax report with each of their sales, J & S AutoHaus Group takes things a step further. When we look at adding a car to our inventory, if the Carfax record isn’t clean, we don’t purchase the vehicle. We wouldn’t want a car with hidden frame damage, open recalls, or salvage records, and we don’t want our customers to have to deal with any of these things, either. The simple solution is that we don’t sell autos that don’t have a clean Carfax record. This ensures that our buyers get precisely what they bargain for when they choose to buy a luxury vehicle from J & S AutoHaus Group.

One-Owner Lease

Let’s consider how “used” you want your used car to be. If you were raised in a large family, or attended a public school, or have ever worked at a company with a high turnover rate of employees, you’ve probably handled an item or two that had more than one previous owner. In public schools, year after year, students reuse textbooks. The more hands the books have passed through, the more damage can be found; from ripped and creased pages to highlights and pen or pencil markings, it only gets worse as time goes on. The same can be said for clothing or toys in larger families or technological devices in a company with a revolving door. Getting a hand-me-down that has passed through multiple hands is rarely a glorious proposition. At J & S AutoHaus Group, we avoid disappointing our customers with these feelings by making sure the cars have only had one previous owner. 

No Smoke Odor

Finally, we want our buyers to breathe easy after they purchase a vehicle from J & S AutoHaus Group. One way we help is by taking a big whiff before we accept the car or truck for our dealership. Where there’s smoke, there’s fire, and we want customers to feel cool, calm, and collected when deciding which of our luxury vehicles they want to take home. Whether buying a convertible so that you can smell the country air on a weekend getaway or a luxury sedan that provides a peaceful respite from the noisy world outside the window, you should be able to enjoy it without unwanted smells. We love cooking up deals that keep clients coming back for more, so we don’t let those deals go up in smoke!

When you want quality, look no further than the J & S AutoHaus Group’s inventory to find your next vehicle purchase!
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