At J & S AutoHaus Group, we know that people are always on the move - to relocate for new jobs, attend school, settle into new scenery after retirement, and a myriad of other milestones. But that doesn't mean our inventory is off-limits to everyone who isn't in driving distance to our dealership anymore. That's right - we ship cars! We'll send any vehicle you find in our Pre-Owned Inventory Search right to your door. Don't worry, all of our customer-centric services still apply, including financing, pre-qualification, auto insurance discounts, and more!

We understand that buying a car out of state or otherwise long-distance from a dealer may initially seem a little risky. After all, you can't physically sit behind the wheel beforehand, or pop the hood open to check things out before you make a deal. With lesser dealerships, you may not know what you're getting yourself into. But when it comes to long-distance car buying with J & S AutHhaus Group, we do everything in our power to feel confident in your new purchase - even before you get to ride it yourself! While each vehicle found in our inventory is ready to roll off the lot, we go the extra mile in delivering you peace of mind and a quality vehicle by providing you with a certified vehicle inspector that will check out the car for you!

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Interested in Buying a Car Long-Distance? Here's How J & S Autohaus Group Can Help!

With the long-standing tradition of people parking their vehicles on the front lawn with a "for sale" sign and the advent of online marketplaces, there's no shortage of sellers looking to take your money for their vehicle. But with ubiquitousness comes uncertainty, and with uncertainty comes potentially investing in a car that doesn't deliver on the false promises you were banking on.

When you're pouring your hard-earned dollars into such a significant asset, you must turn to a reputable team of professionals - and there's no team better than the one at J & S AutoHaus Group! When you turn to us to buy a car long-distance, here's what you can expect:

  • High-quality photographs and videos of every vehicle in our inventory

  • Personable experts to handle all queries and requests

  • Up-to-date specs on all available makes and models

  • Vehicle history reports

  • Inspection arrangements

  • Finance services and specials to get you behind the wheel as soon as possible

With all the above services and more, you don't have to worry about scouring the internet for a deal that may leave you disappointed. When you buy a car out of state or long-distance from our dealership, we'll do all the work necessary in making sure you get your new vehicle just the way you pictured it!

Buy a Car Long-Distance with J & S AutoHaus Group Today!

We're committed to our customers - but our dedication isn't bound by any address or zip code. We're proud to provide drivers all over the country with the vehicle of their dreams - delivered right to their door! For more information about our long-distance car buying process or shipping fees, contact J & S AutoHaus Group today.